Childhood Memories

A word of warning that this post will recall some childhood memories as they pertain to sex and sexuality.  There will be no graphic content, but there will be descriptions of events as I remember them.  I will state from the outset that there was no sexual abuse, or what I would categorize as sexual … Continue reading Childhood Memories

Happiness, or when will I ever find it?

After a few fun and sexy posts, I'm back with a little bit of a downer. The Declaration of Independence talks about "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" and how these are unalienable rights. I have life, I have liberty (for now, anyway), but I struggle with happiness. This goes back to my depression. … Continue reading Happiness, or when will I ever find it?


This is another post with adult content.  If you are not comfortable with such content or underage, consider this your notice.  Otherwise, read on and enjoy!   To start off, I need to put the disclaimer out there that I have very little practical experience with polyamory.  Most of my knowledge comes from reading about … Continue reading Polyamory