Office Fun

Thank you to a certain someone for supplying the prompt for this tale.

Mike was a bit pissed off that he was one the having to stay late to work with the intern on this computer upgrade project.  Yes, he was the one running point on it, but he had finished his piece of the project earlier in the day.  The intern had been sidetracked by another task and was not able to complete her part.  It quickly became apparent that she had lots of questions and so Mike had to stick around to help her through it.

It wasn’t as if he had a lot waiting for him outside of work.  He lived alone with a couple of cats, and they had plenty of food and water.  All he was probably going to do that night was pop open a beer, surf Netflix, pet the cats some, and then go to bed.  At the moment, though, that was beside the point.

Erin, the intern, was entering her senior year at the nearby university.  She was a rarity on their team and for interns in general at the company.  Most were male software developers.  But, she was used to it.  She had said that she was one of just a handful of electrical engineering majors at her school and the fact that she was one of the only females around was something she had grown accustomed to.

Mike thought her pleasant enough, and very bright.  Plus, she was very easy on the eyes with shoulder length auburn hair, green eyes, and curves in the right places with a nice sized ass.  Mike was an ass man, and he could always appreciate a nice one.  He shook that thought out of his head, as he was old enough to be her father.  He had long ago accepted the fact that he was a dirty minded middle-aged man, but he tried to keep most of his thoughts at work appropriate for that environment.  It did not stop him, though, from having the occasional wild fantasy about seducing and fucking one of the many twenty-something women who worked at the company.

Again, he shook his head to get the naughty thoughts cleared away and to help Erin get done what needed to be done.  They were on the ground floor of their office building in the big storage and staging area.  Just about all of the computers the company used had passed through this space at one time or another.  They had gotten a big shipment of new computers in that were to be used to replace old machines that had outlived their usefulness.

Mike had gone into their database and kicked off all the upgrade requests so each computer could be matched to a specific user.  Erin was supposed to have done the unboxing of the equipment and getting them labeled appropriately with the asset tags that had been printed off earlier.  However, after being sidetracked earlier in the day, she had not gotten through all of the machines, so that needed to be tackled before the final preparations could occur.

So, there they were tackling the task at hand.  Mike was pulling equipment out of one of the boxes and happen to glance over at the other side of the room.  Erin was bent over another box, and Mike saw that her mid-thigh length skirt had hiked up to the point where he had a good look at her panty-clad ass with her cheeks peeking out from underneath.

He had to stifle a groan as he felt his cock stiffen rapidly.  He tried to clear his head of the impure thoughts but was not having any luck.  He was about to step out for a minute when Erin straightened up and looked over at Mike who was still staring at her.  He reddened when he realized that he was busted.

Erin glanced down and saw the tent in his shorts, and that elicited a smirk across her face.  “Do you like what you see, old man?”

She had teased him a little when they first started working together at his age.  Mike was older than the average employee, so he did stand out.  He had not discouraged the teasing as he enjoyed the attention of the attractive young woman.

He could only stammer some nonsense as Erin closed the gap between them.  Her hand reached out and grabbed onto Mike’s straining cock.  This time, he did not stifle the groan.  He was surprised at her boldness, but he quickly recovered and pulled her into him while he sought out her lips with his own.

He wasted no time in kissing her deeply, and with great hunger.  She responded with equal enthusiasm as her hand continued to fondle his cock.  Mike’s hands reached down below her skirt and cupped her magnificent ass as he pulled her closer.  Erin groaned at his touch as their tongues began to dance.

This continued for a couple of minutes before she pulled away.  Mike looked at her with a flash of disappointment until he realized that her hands were moving towards his belt.  She deftly unbuckled his belt and made quick work of his button and zipper on his shorts as she began to pull them down.

Mike froze momentarily when he remembered he had put on a pair of frilly panties that morning to wear to work, but he realized there was no going back at this point.  Erin continued to pull his shorts down and let out a small chuckle when she saw his undergarments.  “That’s really fucking hot.  Do you always wear panties?”

“Sometimes,” he managed to croak out.

“I like a man who does what he wants,” she said as the shorts and panties pooled around his feet.  She quickly knelt down in front of him and took his solid rod deep into her mouth while she cupped his balls in her hand.  Mike nearly came right there.  It had been a long time since a woman had her mouth wrapped around his cock.  Fortunately, he was able to contain himself, and he relaxed to enjoy what she was doing to him.

He was impressed by her skills as a cock sucker, especially for someone so young.  She moved up and down on his cock, with her tongue wrapping around the tip of his cock.  One hand was playing with his balls, and he felt her other hand move across his bare ass and into the crack.  She found his puckered hole and slid a finger into him.  That drew a gasp as he enjoyed the sensation of her finger up his ass while his cock was in her mouth.

She continued to work on him as he ran his fingers through her hair.  Occasionally she would glance up at him with a devilish grin on her face.  Mike had to keep from pinching himself as he could not believe that he was receiving fantastic head from a gorgeous young woman who technically was young enough to be his daughter.

He felt his balls begin to contract, and he knew orgasm was imminent.  He did not want to waste it in her mouth, so he pulled her up and gave her a deep kiss.  He led her over to the nearby workbenches and reached under her skirt to pull her soaking wet panties down and off of her body.

He lifted her up onto the bench and spread her legs apart.  Without a pause, he plunged a finger into her wet and ready cunt as he swooped in to attack her clit with his mouth. Typically, he would take his time and build things up with a bit of foreplay, but he was too far gone for that at this point.

Erin did not seem to mind as she grabbed the back of his head and forced him in even closer.  Her wetness flooded his face, and he eagerly lapped up as much as he could.  Her scent and taste overwhelmed his senses as well as her reaction from what he was doing to her.

He slowly traced his tongue around her labia and clit as he felt her squirm around him.  He wanted her to cum and cum hard from his mouth.  He wanted to show this beautiful young woman what years of experience could bring to the table.

Erin began to feel the pressure build from within her as Mike continued his oral work on her.  She let out a low growl as his finger nicked her g-spot, which turned into a squeal as his tongue made contact with her clit.  Finally, the dam broke, and she came hard all over his face.

She momentarily slumped down and tried to catch her breath.  Mike waited for a moment, and then gently kissed Erin’s pussy and thighs before standing in front of her, his hard cock bobbing in front of him.

Erin smiled as she saw this and regained her composure.  She reached out and gently stroked his length and said, “It looks like your poor cock is about ready to burst.  I’ve got a place you can do that.”

She gave a little wink as she hopped down from the workbench and turned around to bend over.  Giving her ass a wiggle, she moved her hands around and spread her ass cheeks apart for him to get a good look at both her wet pussy and exposed ass.  “I want you to pound my tight little pussy for a little bit, then pull out and fuck my ass.  I want to feel you cum inside me.”

Mike saw no reason not to do as she asked, so he guided himself behind her and slid into her tight wetness.  They both gasped at the contact, and he took a moment to collect himself and savor the feeling.  Taking a breath, he began to slide his length in and out of her.  She had been correct, her pussy was very tight, and he was enjoying the sensation.

Mike began picking up the pace and soon felt his balls slapping against her as he was bottoming out.  Her moans had become louder, and Mike thanked the fates that it was late a night, and no one was around to hear them.  He felt her pussy contract around him as she came again.  He felt like he was close to cumming himself when he heard her say, “my ass.  Fuck my ass now.”

He pulled out and relished the feel of his wet cock in the colder air.  He bent down and gave Erin’s exposed pussy a quick lick before rimming his tongue around her ass.  He spread some of her pussy juice in and around her puckered hole before lining his cock up with the entrance.

Slowly, he pushed against her sphincter.  He did not want to hurt her, but he felt her push against him, and he was soon sliding inside.  He took it easy until he was all the way in.  Taking her lead, he began to fuck her ass.  Slowly at first, and the building up speed.  He was a little concerned about hurting her, but she did not seem to mind as she began slamming against him.  He noticed that her hand had gone around to her pussy and she was fingering her cunt and clit as his cock slid in and out of her ass.

He was starting to feel the urge to cum, so he grabbed her hips and increased the pace of her thrusts.  It was a matter of a minute or so before he felt the familiar tightness in his balls that signaled an impending orgasm.

As if sensing this, Erin turned her head and ordered, “fill me up now, you old fuck.  Fill my ass with your cum.”

That was too much for Mike to bear and he exploded inside of her.  He bellowed as his cum shot out of his cock and deep into Erin’s ass.  They were both panting as they tried to recover…


“Hey, Mike…helloooo…where does this go?”

Mike was jarred back into the conscious realm as he heard Erin’s voice ask him that question.  A little embarrassed, he hoped that she was not able to read minds.  He gave his head a shake to clear the remnants of the steamy daydream and got back to work.

I hope you enjoyed the story.  As with any good (hopefully) tale, there’s a small element of truth to this.  I am a middle-aged man working as a desktop tech for a software company.  I am one of the older employees here as many of the workers are fresh out of college.  In fact, I’d say that most of the workforce is under 30.  So, yes, I do have work crushes on many of the young women who work here.  If such a scenario were to really play out, it would likely be hard to resist.  I’ll see you next time.

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed your steamy work daydream. Perhaps you should start writing more of your naughty fantasy’s. This one was certainly worth reading. 😉

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