Extortion – Take 2

This is a follow up to my post on Extortion from late June.  The link to that post is here if you are new to my blog or want a refresher.  After a fairly quiet period of time, I heard from her again last week.  On my birthday.

It was a request for more money, of course.  In between the time I wrote my last post and now, the apartment she once lived in with her boyfriend was caught in a very large gas explosion that hit the downtown area of a small town in the state in which I live.  When I saw the news and the map of the location of the explosion, I had a feeling that the apartment where she lived was in the damage zone.

I did not believe she lived there anymore, but I did wonder if her ex(?)-boyfriend still lived there.  I had a gut feeling it would be a matter of time before I heard from her once again.  I did not wait long.

She sent over a Go-Fund Me link that a co-worker had set up for her.  Her ex did still live there, and she (supposedly) had most of her possessions still at the apartment.  The fundraiser was set up to buy new clothes, furniture, etc. for her.  She had raised some money, but was just under 50% of the goal.  Being the dumb ass sucker that I am, I donated some money to it.  Hell, I even shared the link on my Facebook and Twitter feeds.

I did not and still do not know if any of her things were really still there.  I do believe that anything that was in most of those buildings was deemed unrecoverable.  I saw that on the local news, and I do believe that.  That’s a traumatic thing to have to go through, and it sounds like most of that downtown area will have to undergo some serious renovation or demolition for those buildings to become safe again.

Anyway, to last week.  I’m having a birthday dinner out with my SO.  She gets up to go to the restroom, and I decide to check my phone.  There was another email from her saying that I give her peace, and what would really give her peace would be another $400 from me.  I wrote back that I wanted peace as well and that I had depleted my savings, took out some loans, and basically had no money left.  I said I was done.  I did not hear back from her that day.

Over the weekend, I blocked her email addresses so that they would automatically go into my spam folder should I get anything from her.  Like the dumbass that I am, I kept peeking at the spam folder just to see if anything came in.  Well, this morning there was something there.  The gist of it was “maybe you should have thought twice before getting a hand job in a public park.  Send $300.”

I deleted it.  Which, in hindsight I should not have done.  Because the email was in spam, it’s gone for good.  Honestly, though, I really am done giving a fuck.  With the way my depression and anxiety have been lately, maybe this is a good thing to force the issue.  Let everything come to the surface.  I don’t care who knows at this point.  What I’ve done is immoral and cheating, but not illegal.  It may cause embarrassment, but she’s the one pulling the illegal shit.  If she does take this to someone, I will come after her with everything that I can muster with the law.

I am not a vindictive person, but if I can put her behind bars for what she’s done, it will be a happy day.  If she leaves me alone, then I don’t care.  But, she had better hope I never cross paths with her.  I do feel that I’m a nice guy, but even nice guys have limits.  I would never inflict physical violence on her.  I’m not stupid in that way.

Anyway, rant over.  It feels good to get this off my chest.  Thanks for reading.


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