Work, Vacation, and Other Thoughts

Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.  It’s been 13 days since my last confession.  Oh, I mean blog post.  13 days since my previous blog post and while this is a confessional type blog, I am not asking for any forgiveness here!  I offer my apologies for being gone for so long in between posts.

Why haven’t I posted?  I don’t know for sure.  I think my mind has been elsewhere and life has been busy.  I’ve also been going through a stage where I feel as if what I come up with is just dull.  So, I have chosen not to write.

I did receive a little bit of motivation over the weekend from a reader who told me that they look forward to my posts.  That is always wonderful feedback to get, so I thank you for letting me know that.  I doubt that this post will be all that salacious, but I’m getting things down on paper, so that’s an improvement over the past two weeks.

Another factor has been work. Typically, I have a little bit of time during the day to clear my head and work on a post.  The past couple of weeks have been busy, so that time has not been available.  Today kicks off our annual meeting that sees nearly 10,000 of our customers come into town for almost a week of meetings and sessions.  My team plays a significant role in support of this event, so the time leading up to the event is spent gathering computer equipment, testing it out, and then setting things up, so everything runs smoothly.

During the event, we hang out and offer support for any technical issues that might arise.  It’s a lot of hurry up and wait with a fair amount of downtime.  I figured that during the quiet times this week, I could get some posts cranked out so you wouldn’t think that I’ve entirely deserted you.

It also makes for some long days.  But, the work we put in is appreciated, and customers from across the world rave about our campus and the events associated with the meeting, so it is worth it.

I have been looking forward to this week for quite a while.  It’s the last major event standing between me and vacation.  I’m six weeks out from a two and a half week vacation to Russia and Finland.  That’s the upside.  The downside is that I’m going with my mom.  I know, that sounds harsh and I admit it is.  I’m grateful for the opportunity to take this trip because I would never be able to afford it.

This trip was first planned over a year ago, so to be six weeks out is very exciting.  I’ve gone through these periods where I have not wanted to go.  I think most of that was just anxiety speaking out about being with my mom for an extended period of time and seeing the money that I had set aside for this trip disappear into the clutches of a blackmailing grafter.

But, the once in a lifetime chance to visit one country where I can claim ancestral ties (Finland) and another that was once (and may still be) the “Evil Empire” (Russia) was too much to pass up.  I would kick myself from now until the end of my days if I did not go on this trip.  So, the anticipation is building.  Once I get through this week, I’ll be more or less in the home stretch.  I’ve decided that I will not let the money situation weigh me down.  Most everything is already paid for, so I would only be missing out on souvenirs or other such trinkets.

I’ll be bringing my laptop with me, primarily for the online classes I’m taking, but I will also be able to post some blog entries along the way.  I have this crazy fantasy of hooking up with a couple while on the cruise for some fun and games.  I know that will likely stay in the fantasy realm, but a guy can dream, can’t he?

Anyway, I think that is all I’m going to write for today.  I’ll be back soon with another post.  I promise.  As always, thanks for stopping by.

3 thoughts on “Work, Vacation, and Other Thoughts

  1. Always feel the need to comment with you don’t I 😂

    Okay… firstly, just write the dull stuff, it might not be as dull as you think. There’s no need to be sensational all the time.
    Secondly, emergency lacy knickers… you know what I mean.
    Thirdly, yes and I’d kick your arse too if you didn’t go. Mums aren’t so bad if you don’t cramp their style 😉
    Fourthly, be open to opportunity, weirder things have happened on cruises…

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    1. You keep on commenting! It helps to know that I’m not writing entirely into the void. I know what you mean about writing the dull stuff. I think sometimes that’s more interesting than the sensational stuff. I will take your advice on all of these items, actually. I think it may come in handy.

      Liked by 1 person

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