I’m back with another post!  Not quite the streak I had going a couple of months ago, but given the fact that I had gone a long time without an entry, I think this qualifies as something.  I’m taking another break from the steamy stuff.  If I’m being honest with myself (and you, dear reader), my mind has been elsewhere as of late.  I don’t know if it is just a natural ebb in things and I’ll be back and trying to hump everything that moves in no time or if it is something else.  Either way, it is what it is, and it isn’t where my mind is right now.

Today, I think I’m going to bore you all with one of my other passions…History.  I don’t know if I have mentioned it or not in previous blogs, but I have a lifelong fascination with History.  Historical sites, people, events, it doesn’t matter.  I’m enthralled by it all.  When planning a vacation, I often choose destinations with a historical value over those with other attributes.

I think the reason History is on my mind quite a bit as of late is the fact that my second semester of going back to college is gearing up to start next week.  Way back when in my original undergrad days, I chose to major in Speech Pathology/Education track with a minor in History.  Much to my mistake, I went the Speech Path route as opposed to doing more with the History route.  I’m trying to amend that mistake by going back to get these last few credits.

Last semester I took a couple of Asian History courses, and while they were interesting, it wasn’t the area of History I’m most interested in.  This semester holds a bit more promise.  I have a class on the Causes of the Civil War and Intro to Jewish History.  These are topics I have a bit more interest in, with the Civil War era class being one I’m most interested in.

American History is perhaps my area of “expertise,” notably the Civil War.  So, that class is right up my alley.  Regardless, no matter what the era, I’m going to take it all in.

The most surreal experience I’ve had with history so far was my trip to Ireland a little over three and a half years ago.  Up to that point, I had only been within the US with a couple of trips to Canada and Mexico.  Going through and around Ireland was terrific.  There was seemingly a castle around every corner, and while in the town of Kilkenny, I was able to straddle a plaque in the sidewalk denoting the location of the city wall in the year 1215 (or thereabouts).  You don’t get that sort of thing here in the US.

One of my other favorite locations in Ireland was the library at Trinity College in Dublin.  If you are a lover of books, you owe it to yourself to visit there if you ever find yourself in Dublin.  It took my breath away, and if I close my eyes to this day, I can vividly imagine the smell of the books in that giant hall.

This is one of the reasons I’m very excited to go on this trip to Russia and Finland in six weeks.  The history going back hundreds of years in Russia is staggering, never mind the significance of the Cold War era.

The time in  Finland is very personal because a quarter of my ancestry comes from there.  I’m hoping to go an hour outside of Helsinki to an area where my mom’s paternal grandfather’s family hailed from.  If we had more time in the country, I’d venture further north to where the other side of the family originated.

If I ever won Powerball, I think I would move over to Europe and just immerse myself in history.  I’d base myself in a little country cottage in Wales and just explore.  That sounds like the way to go.

Enough daydreaming for now.  Work calls, so I suppose I must at least pretend to do so.  Thanks as always for reading, and I’ll see you next time.

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