Moscow Thoughts

I’m sitting on a low ledge at one end of Arbat Street near central Moscow. We had a walking tour this morning and then about 90 minutes of “free” time to wander around and buy souvenirs.

Unfortunately, Arbat Street is primarily cookie cutter cheesy souvenir shops and really cheesy American-themed diners. One of the menus even had a Trump Burger on the menu. I think I’ll pass.

So, readers, I’m sitting on a ledge in front of a drug store typing the beginnings of this post on my phone until the rest of the group reassembles in about 20 minutes and we head back to the ship and leaving port for the first time.

Random aside, I just had a woman approach me and ask me something. What that something was, I have no idea because I speak no Russian. I may have lost out on a chance to run away with an oligarch’s daughter all because I don’t speak the language. At least, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Anyway, back to the post! This trip has been amazing thus far. Moscow is an interesting mix of the modern, the early to mid 20th century, and the distant past. This city has a very unique soul and I’m grateful I’ve had the chance to experience it so far. I will say, though, that I am anxious to set sail and start to experience the smaller towns and rural areas of the country.

I’m also ready to relax. The pace had been fairly non stop since we first boarded. There’s so much to do and see in Moscow, we’ve tried to pack it all in. Overall, I can’t complain. The opportunity to see the landmarks and the sights has been incredible. But slowing down for a few days will be nice. That is a part of vacation, after all!

At the same time, things have been productive. I’ve stayed on top of my course work and even took an exam yesterday morning for one of my classes. I’ve been staying in touch with friends as much as I have been able to. It is a bit of a challenge being eight hours ahead.

I could not see myself living here. That’s something I often think about when I visit a place. I could see myself living Dublin or Ireland. No thanks to Moscow. Maybe if I learned the language it would be different, but I doubt it.

The traffic alone is enough to squash any idea of that. I’m glad I did some research prior to coming because I discovered it isn’t unusual for a drive of 10 miles to take an hour. The amount of cars is insane. I have been impressed that there aren’t accidents all over the place. Even though the sheer volume of cars is high, they seem to be very good drivers.

I suppose I’m giving away some of my future blog entries here, but that’s ok. I’m now on the bus back to the boat. I will take the opportunity to sign off for now. Thanks for stopping by for this quick entry, and I’ll be back soon.

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