This is another post with adult content.  If you are not comfortable with such content or underage, consider this your notice.  Otherwise, read on and enjoy!   To start off, I need to put the disclaimer out there that I have very little practical experience with polyamory.  Most of my knowledge comes from reading about … Continue reading Polyamory

Deviant Behavior

Caution:  This post contains adult content and may not be suitable for all audiences.  Thank you.   Oh, where to start with this one??  What is deviant behavior?  Is it the same for everyone out there, or is it one of those things where the definition of it depends on the person doing the defining?  … Continue reading Deviant Behavior

Journey Onward – Chapter 5, Part 3

The Journey comes to a conclusion with this part.  Thank you so much for reading this.  I hope you have enjoyed it. They gathered themselves up and headed back to the cottage.  Jake fired the grill and waited for the coals to be ready.  He checked inside to see if anything else needed doing, but … Continue reading Journey Onward – Chapter 5, Part 3

Journey Onward – Chapter 5, Part 2

This is the second to last part of this story.  Thank you for reading! “Flattery will get you everywhere, mister. I’m glad you enjoyed.  Now that you can stand, we should finish cleaning up.  Would you be so kind as to wash my back?” Jake started soaping up Sandra’s back with his hands gradually drifting … Continue reading Journey Onward – Chapter 5, Part 2